Our Owner's Beginning

The owner and master blacksmith of Arthur Johns Forge & Design Studio got his start in blacksmithing while he attended art school to become a painter. He switched his career goals from painting and sculpting to crafting one-of-a-kind jewelry and blacksmithing.

The jewelry-making industry requires you to make your own tools. After a little practice, Arthur became a master and developed a real passion for making tools. He continued to build on his skills, creating iron sculptures and other unique and functional pieces.

The Passion Grows
Many individuals lose the passion for their careers, but not Arthur, who refers to himself as a sculptor rather than a blacksmith. He enjoys the freedom, physical work, refining his work, and that each day is a little different.

And Arthur's work continuously evolves. As he refined his techniques over the years, his work became masterpieces. You can truly tell that he's worked in the industry for more than 25 years. Arthur is a proud member of the Michigan Artists Blacksmiths Association and the Artist Blacksmith Association of North America.

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