Eye-Catching Custom Gates, Custom Railings, & Metal Sculptures

Every home or business requires an eye-catching piece to grab attention. That's just what custom gates, custom railings, and metal sculptures from Arthur Johns Forge & Design Studio in Elsie, Michigan, will do. Simply describe what you are looking for, and we'll bring it to life.

Ancient Techniques

Like many blacksmiths, we use various techniques and processes that have been used for thousands of years. We create pieces that reflect our ancient craft, while adding a modern flair and design.

For your convenience, we work in both residential and commercial settings. And, we'll even work with you, the property owner, or a designer to create a unique element to complement your space.

Custom Made for You:

• Hardware
• Custom Gates
• Metal Sculptures
• Metal Fountains
• Custom Railings
• Kinetic Pieces & More

Learn the ins and outs of the blacksmithing trade to create your own pieces of art. Two summer classes are available: Tuesday evening for beginners and Wednesday evening for returning blacksmiths. How-to videos will soon be available, too.

Metal Sculptures

Contact us to fabricate the custom gates, custom railings, or metal sculpture you seek.



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